Directory Plus

Since 1983 Directory Plus has published regional directories and local phone books in Southwestern Colorado and throughout the state of New Mexico. These products provide the most complete, accurate and up-to-date resource for the community they serve. Directory Plus phone books include the following features


White Pages
Easy to use, in one step. Blended together, not separated by community.
Blue Pages
Government offices, schools, post offices, local maps.
Yellow Pages
Accurate and complete listings, a wealth of advertising and information.
Green Pages
Street and telephone number guides.






Directory Plus delivers excellent value to its advertising customers
  Strong Usage: Third party studies of usage of the phone books within the markets served reports a significant percentage of the local population prefer Directory Plus over other phone books, along with a very high level of usuage.
  Saturation Coverage: Directory Plus is delivered to every home and business using door to door carriers. Initial distribution is verified by third party audits. Secondary distribution is available through pick up points at local Chambers of Commerce, and Utility Companies.
  Special Distribution: Within the markets served, nearly all motels and hotels provide Directory Plus phone books in every guest room with replacement copies supplied as needed.
  Cost Effective: Directory Plus advertising rates average one-third less than the competior's rates.
  Great Results: Advertising customers recount how Directory Plus helps their businesses grow.
  Bottom Line: Great results and fair prices combine to produce a strong return on investment for Directory Plus advertisers.
  Directory Plus encourages recycling all old phone books using the proper recycling facilities. If you do not wish to receive the print version of Directory Plus, just call us at 1-800-832-9832 to opt out of the next distribution scheduled for your area.